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Here's a list of genre-bending & genre-defying experimental literary fiction that I've written in recent years. Most of my pieces have gotten published in various magazines, literary reviews and journals and have received acclaim.



But my English teacher said that summers are for exploring the warmth - Jellyfish Review

"2011 blue Subaru speeding to the end of the world" - Milk Candy Review

"Anatomy of Three Instructions" - JMWW

"What Is and What Will Never Be" - CHEAP POP

Gambier, Ohio - Big Windows Review

 We are the Orphans - The Incandescent Review

"The Masani Who Drank Pepsi" - HAD

"Chickens" - Okay Donkey Magazine

In a Dream, I kiss Pinnochio and punch my fist into the wall - BULL Magazine

"Six" - The Daphne Review

"An English Boy" - Terror House Magazine

"12 Seconds" - Bridge Ink Magazine

"Dear Chris" - Nailpolish Stories

"Driving to Target" - The Jupiter Review

"The Ants are Falling into the Bottom of the Universe" - The Celtic Review


"She" - Jersey Devil Press

"Red" - In Parenthesis

"The Last Time" - Borderless Journal

"Of Language and Botany" - Northwest Indiana Literary Journal

"Silence" - Tell Me Your Story + Oxford Press

"A Divided Punjab" - KNACK Magazine

"Yellow" - IHRAF Presents

"Pranama" - WriteCause Literary Journal

"Incurable Prepositions" - Cathartic Literary Journal

"Education in the Time of Corona" - TeenInk

"My Intervals With Insanity" - The Book of Matches Literary Journal

"Impressively Late" - News Verse News

"A Small-Sized Memory" - Trouvaille Review

"Midsummer Day" - VOV Takhte

"An Adjective" - Indus Woman Writing

(2020, 2019, 2018)

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